Some of Mel Wilson’s biggest supporters are the Asian American Pacific Islanders, particularly, FilAms, along with Pastor Henjie and wife Mary Ann Pimenta (center) of the Praise Christian Fellowship of the Valley (Helping Hands Adult Day Health Care).

       “We did it!” said Mel Wilson, an All-American football player, “We are officially on the June 7, 2022 ballot for Mayor of L.A.” after receiving the notice from the Los Angeles City Clerk’s office.” 

The 2022 Los Angeles mayoral election will be on November 8, and the primary for this election will take place on June 7.

“I thank Pastor Henjie and his wife Mary Ann Pimenta,” said Wilson, “for inviting me to their church and also prayed for me during the visit. They are also volunteers, helping my campaign. Thank you for your support and your hard work. Thank you Lord.”

“We’re so happy to hear the news,” said FilAm community advocate Rick Rolda.

“We met Mr. Mel Wilson in 1985, when we first attended the Chatsworth Foursquare Church where he and his wife Bessie were among the church leaders.  Mel and Bessie were in charge of the Children’s Sunday School Ministry. My family was well received by the church members and treated us part of their family.  Coming from another country and not having a single relative in Los Angeles, it helped us decide to stay in Los Angeles due to the support from the church.  My children grew up in church with Mel and Bessie’s children.  Mel and Bessie as church leaders manifest their care for the lives and biblical education of the children with biblical principles like: making God as our Supreme Authority, respect for elders and local leaders and authority.

“Be a person who says what you mean and mean what you say; honesty and treating others as you want to be treated – these were taught to the children and we saw these characters in the person of Mel and Bessie, who have been married for 48 years. Because of Mel’s personality in ‘leading by example’ my wife and I decided to assist in teaching the children at church.”

Wilson’s Vision and Concrete Action Plan is For a Better L.A.

“My vision is for a safer, greener, business-friendly city where people have affordable, supportive housing and where middle-class workers get childcare subsidies, funding for after school programs and down payment assistance for purchasing their first home.”

A business graduate from Cal State Northridge, he was raised by two single women.

“My mother cleaned houses during the day and office buildings at night. My grandmother cleaned houses and worked a small side business at the swap meet. I grew up poor, went to school, opened a small business and worked my way into the middle-class. Middle-class workers, I understand your fears, I feel your pains. I believe that you shouldn’t have to work two jobs to pay your bills. Middle-class workers worry daily about how they are going to make it and avoid becoming homeless in L.A.”

The future of L.A. is on the line, but Wilson wants to first talk about the present.

“The people of Los Angeles are experiencing multiple crises and middle-class workers are suffering the most. Violent crime is rising, our homeless neighbors are living in inhuman conditions and fuel prices have increased to $5 per gallon in many areas of the city.  Inflation is eating up your buying power. Even grocery prices are rising, and people are grappling with this question: Do I pay my rent/mortgage, DWP bill, medical bills, or car payment?

“Schools are failing our children, childcare is too expensive, students and their families are sinking deeper under the weight of student loan debt, so many residents work two jobs to make ends meet. Housing is not affordable, which is causing businesses to flee Los Angeles. As these businesses escape to cities where money goes further, they take with them good-paying jobs, our kids, and our grandkids who move to find better economic quality of life.

“A budget is a list of one’s priorities and the budget I will set for the L.A. city government will improve the quality of life of children, students, families, individuals, and business owners in the city of Los Angeles.

“By funding childcare, after school programs and part-time jobs for high school students, we will provide support to L.A. families. By funding an increase in the number of LAPD patrol officers by 1,500 and hiring 350 mental health/community case workers we will drive down violent crimes. By funding down payment assistance for first time buyers we will make homeownership affordable. By offering incentives to developers for building affordable apartments we will increase housing production and drive down apartment rental costs. By streamlining the permit process and eliminating the city’s gross business tax we will position businesses to pay higher wages. By funding the creation and placement of 30,000 supportive housing beds for our unhoused neighbors we will help many to transition from homelessness.

Mel Wilson served on the Los Angeles County Transportation Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors (1993-97 and 2010-13). He was appointed by former Los Angeles Mayors Antonio Villaraigosa and Richard Riordan and served four years on the Los Angeles Fire Commission. He was president of the United Chamber of Commerce of San Fernando Valley and also served on the Business Tax Advisory Commission and the Small Business Advisory Commission.  

“Don’t lose hope – I have vision and a concrete action plan to solve these crises and usher Los Angeles into an era in which the residents and businesses revitalize and thrive. I cannot do this alone. We are stronger together!”

Mel Wilson with friends Josie and Rick Rolda